HF Cow

HF Cows can produce maximum 20 liters of milk per day. Holstein Friesian crows are basically crossbred cattle that can live under different temperature conditions. Their average body weight is 580 kg.

Jersey Cow

High Milking Jersey Cows are known for producing 15 to 20 liter of milk per day. These can survive under various climactic conditions. Produced milk has high fat content. These have long life span.

Murrah Buffalo

Murrah Buffaloes can produce 12 to 20 liters of milk per day. Their milk yielding rate is high during their 4th lactation period. Their average body weight is 450 kg and these can survive for 12 years.

Sahiwal Cow

Sahiwal Cows originated in the Sahiwal district of Punjab located in Pakistan. These can produce maximum 16 liters of milk per day and produced milk has 4.5% fat enriched content.

Dairy Farm Consultancy Services
Dairy Farm Consultancy Services provided by us are reckoned for our customer friendly business approach. We assist our customers in preparing effective planning based on market study. We assure our customers regarding optimum growth of their organization by implementing our plans and strategies.

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